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pool tables buy online customer testimonial

" Needless to say I was apprehensive about purchasing such an expensive item off the internet, however
PoolTables.Ca made it easy! I was uncertain that I would be able to put the table together myself, but I followed (I did
the video instructions provided and the table looks/functions as well as I expected (flawlessly). All the pieces
fit together cleanly not have to play with or modify any of the pieces to get them to fit) and the packaging protected
my investment the product and the service are so that once it arrived it was void of any scuffs/defects. The quality of
second to none. I am very happy with my table and will recommend your company to any/all who are looking for a table. "
• Submitted by Leo C. - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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" Pool table is awesome, ordering process was super easy. I installed it my self which went fairly smooth but
I would consider my self fairly handy and have experience with stretching fabric and upholstery.
Stretching the felt back around the pockets was the hardest part by far. ''
• Submitted by Matt B. - Grande Prairie, Alberta

" ...just a quick thanks for the quality table and good delivery arrangement. A local guy set it up
and there were no issues with missing pieces or workmanship. Thanks a lot! "
• Submitted by Noel N. - Medecine Hat, Alberta

" The pool table is fantastic! It was a good challenge and I built it myself! The instructional video was very
helpful, as well as the instruction book, and the bags of hardware were nicely labelled.
The pool table arrived sooner than expected and nothing was damaged. ''
• Submitted by C. Neil - Kelowna BC

" I was very impressed with the customer service, selection of model types, wood colours and the price of the pool tables. ''
• Submitted by M. Vaillancourt - Delson, Quebec, Canada

" I was pretty nervous about ordering a pool table over the internet, however we were looking for a pool table that we
could also use as a dining table as well, and in our local shops, nobody carried anything like that. We stumbled across
the Charente model and it seem to fit the bill, especially because it was around half the price of other, similar style tables
on other sites. I decided to call pooltables.ca to ask a few questions. I spoke with Darleen who was fantastic. I must have
called her 10 times with questions about shipping and other various concerns. She was patient and very reassuring. In the
end the table arrived. I was very impressed by the quality out of the box. Everything was rock solid with a beautiful finish.
A couple of small issues: 2 of 4 cues were a little crooked but 1 email later and Patrick was quick to send 2 new ones.
It is clear to me that customer service is a top priority. The table looks and plays great. We are very happy with our choice. ''
• Submitted by Robin - British Columbia, Canada

" Your sales process was very easy, no pressure. Delivery was ahead of schedule and the timing
was perfect. The installer arrived just as the delivery truck was leaving! Follow up service was
also excellent as promised. I will recommend you to any prospective buyers. "
• Submitted by Marcel U. - Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

" Received my pool table this weekend and set it up. I am extremely impressed with
how well it all went together and how well built it is. Very happy. "
• Submitted by Tyler H. - Hinton, Albreta, Canada

" J'ai été impressionné par votre service remarquable tant au niveau de la vente que le service de l'installation."
( English Translation: " I was impressed with your service, as much from the sales aspect, as the installation service. " )
• Sumbitted by P. Coté - Mascouche, Quebec, Canada

" Je vous écris pour vous dire combien nous avons été satisfaits de vos services et ce, les deux fois que nous
avons profité de vos services." English Translation: I am writing to tell
you how satisfied we were of your service for both purchases we've made from you. "
• Submitted by P. Gendron - Varennes, Quebec, Canada

" The experience was excellent! We are very satisfied with our pool table and are having a lot of fun using it.
The ping pong table addition was a wise one on our part. If I were to do it again, I would do exactly what I did. "
• Sumbitted by Earl W. - Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Canada

" The service was fantastic. I love the table. I had a local professional installer set it up for me
and I would recommend the process/experience to anyone. "
• Sumbitted by Len G. - Fort Saskatchewan, Canada

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